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Digital Process Redesign

• What’s the digitization Case for Action? What are consequences of Inaction? • How does digitization changes process improvement methodologies? • What are the dominant design patterns of digitized processes?  

Steven Stanton is a co-founder of FCB Partners, and one of the pioneers of business model innovation. Steven is the co-author, with Dr. Hammer, of the Reengineering Revolution and the Harvard Business Review article, “How Process Organizations Really Work.”

Steven Stanton

Smart Work Steven Stanton
The Reengineering Revolution

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

@11 AM EST

Digital Process Redesign

For those of us in the process world this means we have to learn new approaches to process improvement. This is a new world, and digitized processes are very different from traditional processes. Digital process redesign shifts the focus from action to data and from tasks to decisions. For digital processes measurement becomes increasingly autonomic but will still require deep insight in value creation. Instead of traditional insular designs, digitral processes must also serve as sensing organs illuminating and assessing opportunities and threats in real time.  

In this webinar Steven Stanton will discuss: 

  • How traditional analog processes are rapidly becoming outmoded in today’s hyper-competitive world.  
  • How process redesigners can now create new process capabilities that both delight customers and improve profitability.  
  • What is the key to success for organizationse to improve their ROI (Return on Information), through dramatic process redesigns that match new technological capabilities with human strengths.  

If you’re willing to learn more about Steven Stanton's perspective to redesign digital processes, improve them and how to combine large transformational redesign projects into smart porrtfolios then this live webinar is for you.

This is a live virtual online event. You only have one chance to join us LIVE. We start in. . .